One 12-year-old boy from Tuscaloosa is pursuing his passion for politics before entering the 6th grade.

Brilyn Hollyhand has already landed interviews with key leaders in both Montgomery and in Washington, DC.

Hollyhand says his interest in politics began with the 2016 presidential election.

“During the 2016 presidential election, I just started watching the debates and kind of interested,” said Hollyhand. “I eventually ended up watching all of them. I watch FOX News all day now, just kind of, I enjoy trying to hear about our nation and our nation’s politics.”

Brilyn’s mom, Leigh Hollyhand, watched her son’s growing political interest during a time the headlines weren’t always child friendly.

“The election got a little nasty there a little bit,” acknowledged Leigh Hollyhand. “So, a few times we were like, we don’t need to watch the debate tonight. There’s going to be some content that’s going to come out that might not be age appropriate. So, we definitely had to be parents and kind of monitor how much information he’s getting.”

Brilyn’s interest progressed from articles shared with family and friends, to a website with video interviews. The Truth Gazette is now topping 800 subscribers.

“It’s usually just me, sitting at home and doing the research, getting it all together, putting the questions and setting up interviews,” explained Brilyn Hollyhand.

His parents don’t change his content. They limit their role to being drivers and monitoring their son’s online activity.

“We’ve had a few ask- how’d he get interested in this?” recalled Leigh Hollyhand. “Are y’all pushing him in this? And we’re like no, we’re not political at all.”

As for his future?

“It’s leaning more toward journalism right now, maybe even progressing the Truth Gazette even more, but it could also be in the political world,” said Brilyn Hollyhand.

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