A Tuscaloosa preteen is on his way to the nation’s capital for a very special opportunity this Christmas season.

Most 12-year-old boys are getting excited for video games or school closings this Christmas, but Brilyn Hollyhand said his Christmas wish came true when he got a special invitation in the mail. And it wasn’t just another Christmas card.

Hollyhand received a letter and invitation from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.. The sender: President Donald Trump.

Hollyhand is the editor-in-chief of the Truth Gazette, an online political newspaper the 12-year-old created himself. In his letter to Hollyhand, the commander in chief encouraged him to continue growing his passions for leadership and invited the young man to see the White House at Christmas.

“Of course, nothing will be able to top going to see what the First Lady has done,” Hollyhand said. “But, it’s just a surprise to be able to come and do this. I wasn’t expecting to be able to go and be invited to the White House and to tour the White House. It’s very honoring and inspiring to be able to go and see all this and do this. It is definitely tops the best Christmas present.”

Readers can subscribe to Hollyhand’s newspaper by visiting thetruthgazette.com.

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